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1. In an entire semester in school, they would never have covered what I learned here. - This came from an adult student in his thirties, from Dumont who wanted to pursue a career as an industrial designer. He went on to explain he had taken an Adobe Illustrator course at a college in Brooklyn, and another one in New Jersey, that was paid for by the state. He said he learned far more here that the other two places of study.

2. I will not be the same student, when I go back to school. - These were the feelings that a student had after working with us. He learned a lot more with us than he did in his school classes and felt that our approach to teaching would change the way he learned in the future. Now he would ask more questions of his teachers and would not let them press a bunch of keys without giving a proper explanation.

3. I am so glad that you explain exaclty what you are doing and don't just press keys to fix things - When this student had a problems in her school that was going to take more than a few minutes of teachers time, the teacher came over and pressed a lot of key commands and said that should correct the problem, but the student never understand what was happening. We have heard this many times from various students.I tell students, that this is the easy way out for teachers. The larger schools are more concerned with getting the projects turned in, than spending the time to make sure the student really understands what was done. This is a cover up. You get projects turned in, you get your grade and move on and everybody lives happily ever after. The problem with this is that when you go to try and use the skills that you thought you had, they fall short of your expectations. When you get a job and need to depend on a skill that you thought you knew, you don't want to be disappointed.

4. Now I feel confident that I could take a job in this field without having to worry about getting fired for not knowing what I was doing . - One of our students who already had a job but wanted to get involved with the design aspect of desktop publishing witnessed something interesting at work. Her company had hired a new women who claimed to know Microsoft Excel. The women came to work on the first day and was not able to do some of the basic requirements. She got fired within three hours. Our student wanted to know why this woman would try to fake her knowledge of MS Excel. I asked about this woman and found out that she had recently graduated from a computer training school. I explained that this woman probably thought she knew what she was doing when she applied for the job and did not expect this problem. As an example, I explained to her my experience with students in college, who also have come to us for additional training while still in school. When teaching these students, I have routinely picked a project they had done in class and within the past five weeks, I make a statement that they could not do this project again without considerable amount of help. I get all kinds of interesting responses. When they sit there in disbelief, I say let me prove something to you. I have them try to do the project. They get started and then need the considerable help that I told them they would need and again they are surprised that this happened. This same thing could happen here at our training facility, but I constantly ask questions in order to find out the problems, and deal with them as they arise. I tell my students, I am always out to get you and hope I don’t. If I do, at least we can review and the student will not be constantly moving on not knowing the prior things we have taught.

Design - Testimonials

1. I look forward to seeing the new designs you have for my catalog each and every year. - This customer originally came to us with very detailed ideas about what she wanted. After working with us and seeing the concepts that we had, she began to allow us total control over her catalog design. Now she never comes to us with any ideas but leaves each year and always says she can't believe that we topped last years design.

Printing - Testimonials

1. This came from a company that still used their old printer in addition to G.M. Printing - The old printer had some of their film jobs on file so they still printed those jobs. The customer showed me a pile of boxes stacked against the back wall of their office. He told me that the boxes were filled with rejected items from the other printer. Then he went on to say that they had used hundreds of thousands of G.M Printings pieces in their mailings and they had never found a bad one.

2. This came from a first time customer - I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with they way that I was treated as a first time customer. The turnaround time and quality of the job were great. I would definitely recommend your company.

3. This came from an impatient print broker that used to complain about our thoroughness and how many questions we would ask. - He gave 7 of the jobs that we used to print to other printers. The jobs were rejected by his customers. He then said that there just might be something to the way we work. I told him that his customers had gotten used to the quality of our work.

4. This came from a long time customer - "The reason I do business with you is that I trust you more than anyone else. I know you always cover my back for any potential mistakes due to your thoroughness."

5. This came from a gentleman running for local office - He wrote us a letter thanking us for the very thorough way we stayed on top of the job through all its stages to its completion. If it wasn't for that, he didn't think the job would have gotten done on time. He also said, that if we could have seen his competitors advertising campaign you could easily see that it did not compare to what we printed.

6. This came from a local politician - He dropped off a job on Saturday afternoon and we had it printed and ready to be picked up on Sunday morning. His crew was then able to go door to door and leave the flyer on everyones door handle. It was important for them to have these to the public by Sunday. He thanked us for a quick turnaround on a weekend.

7. This came from a frequent customer - "I know you watch over our projects in a very personal way to help us cut down on potential errors that we don't catch and we really appreciate this type of service."


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