Advantages of using the
Art and Graphic Design Studio

General Advantages

1. The Studio was established in 1994

2. Our highest priority is client satisfaction. We pay careful attention to detail and provide outstanding customer service making your experience working with us a pleasure. Just see what some of our clients have to say about us.

3. We are a small firm with low overhead which allows us to provide excellent service at a very reasonable cost.

4. We also possess the flexibility and imagination to keep you ahead of the trends.

5. If you have rush orders, one-time formatting changes or special shipping instructions, your customer service representative will make sure they are handled correctly.

6. Doing business with a smaller design company, you will find us more flexable, responsive, personal, direct and affordable.

Training advantages

1. Work with professionals who teach you from real-world experience.

2. We offer training in computer operating systems and software on both the Windows and Macintosh platforms.

3. We give tips you don’t get in college or other classroom situations. When you learn from the pros that work in this business everyday, you are getting the most up to date information and learn how to use it in a very time saving and error reduced way.

4. We don’t just teach by the textbook only approach. Through our experience, we have noticed that each private session equates to two and a half to three hours of typical group class environment. This is done without the usual frustration of tryng to keep up with the class and getting confused without a person there to help you.

5. The stress is so much less. If you don’t know or you do something wrong of a less effective way we are right there to correct you and explain the advantages of why we suggested what we did. This gets you working with a real on the job approach.

6. When a person tries to get a job right out of school, don’t you always hear we need some one with more experience. This person then wants to know how do you get the experience. The answer is working with experience people and that is what we offer. We use jobs that we have done for clients, or a facsimile. This approach offers a wide range of subject matter that you would not get in a class curriculum.

7. The varied type of work we offer is more realistic and typical of what the industry does.

Design advantages

1. We employ the latest technology in order to create effective graphic design for print and web that will help you to stand out in today's competitive marketplace.

2. Our talented graphic and web designers work with you personally to assess your needs.

3. We create distinctive graphics that effectively communicate your message and leave a lasting impression.

4. We can provide images, clipart, photographs, web ready graphics, fonts, sounds.

5. We can set type to match supplied samples.

6. We are able to design a piece that looks as close to your mockup as possible.

7. We can redesign existing pieces to fit other applications

8. We will adjust artwork to improve cost effectiveness of project

9. Our expertise covers the printing, publishing and advertising ends of the business.This helps us in designing cost effective pieces that will take in consideration of the variables that designers alone will not foresee. This can only come from the experience of being involved in the design and publishing business.

Internet advantages

1. With the amazing growth of the Internet, many companies now have website. The Internet allows everyone, from the smallest businesses to industry giants, to compete. We provide help with all the services you will need in order to set up your Internet presence. We can tell you how to register your domain, recommend a web host, and provide web design.

2. We have seven years experience working on and designing functional, dynamic websites.

3. We can provide images, clipart, photographs, web ready graphics, fonts and sounds.

Printing advantages

1. With our extensive printing experience, we can work with designers to maximize the cost effectiveness of your project.

2. We are able to make last minute adjustments to supplied copy.

3. The Art And Graphic Art Studio has a full service prepress department, both conventional and digital. We can handle all types of artwork, from traditional artboards to digital files received via email. Some of our digital prepress capabilities are listed below.

4. Combining flatsheet and envelope printing capabilities, Art And Graphic Studio is a one-stop source for stationery packages, direct-mail campaigns and any of your other printing needs.

5. For customers placing orders for stationery on a weekly or monthly basis, there is a good chance Art And Graphic Studio can develop customized solutions that fit the requirements of your specific programs. Some of the capabilities we offer:

  • Database typesetting into custom formatted templates
  • Electronic transfer of artwork and orders via email or ftp