Desktop Publishing Applications

1 QuarkXpress
2. Adobe Pagemaker
3. Adobe InDesign
4. Adobe Photoshop
5. Adobe Illustrator

Microsoft Applications

1. Word
2. Excel
3. Access
4. Power Point
5. Outlook
6. Internet Explorer
7. Outlook Express

Web Design Applications

1. Macromedia Dreamweaver
2. Macromedia Fireworks
3. Adobe Image Ready

For ideas on what these programs can be used for, please see our training list.

Web Usage

We can show you how to navigate the internet. You will be able to use search engines (to find the websites that you are looking for), online phone books, get directions and much, much more. The internet is the biggest library in the world. For example, you can browse for entertainment, sports scores, business, school, research, medical conditions, get suggestions, treatments, follow the stock market or get food and dietary information of all kinds.

I personally have done internet research before going to visit the doctor. I had prepared so much information and questions that the doctor was in awe of my knowlege. I needed to use the internet as a resource many times during the 7 years that I took care of my sick and elderly parents. I felt that this gave me so much more control over the situation. I had so many more options that I would not have had without the internet.

We will even teach you how to efficiently use your e-mail. If you have access to a scanner or digital camera, we can show you how to send photos to anyone who has access to the internet.



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